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Offers and Prices

The times given refer to pure massage time. Please arrive at the appointed time and plan for an additional 20 to 30 minutes afterward to enjoy the after-effects and to shower.

Our prices are firm, but if you are happy with our service, feel free to leave a tip.

Traditional Tantra Massage

Traditional Tantra massage for men and women – take all of your senses on a wonderful journey guided by two hands

2 hands
1,5 hours€ 210,-with
4 hands
1,5 hours€ 380,-
2,0 hours€ 260,-2,0 hours€ 480,-

Tantra Couple Massage

Enjoy the exquisite experience of Tantra massage together with your partner.

Traditional Tantra massage1,5 hours€ 380,-
2 hours€ 480,-
Happy Hour: on Sundays
and public holidays,
€20 discount
for tantra massages
until mid-day


TrinityOne of you will be massaged by one of our masseuses and your partner. 1,5 hours

2,0 hours
€ 250,-

€ 300,-
Trinity for 2Trinity for 2 Both partners are massaged by one of the masseuses and the other partner, a small and completely private workshop.est. 1,0 hours
per person

est. 1,5 hours
per person
€ 360,-

€ 440,-